Combining Static Meshes

Hello All,

I wanted to use a mesh already in the game (in this case the Crop Plot). But I needed to add something to it - I have the new mesh ready, just can’t seem to meld these two together.
I’d really hate to have to rip it from the main game, place them together and then have to completely re-texture the entire thing if there is a simpler way to just put the two together.
If it was in the normal Unreal Editor, I would have just used a socket and attached the new mesh to the old, but there’s no way to control those with the Dev Kit it seems.

I was wondering if anyone had ran into this before and might know a nicer way to go about it.


there is 2 ways you can do it you can export them to maya and bind the skin or you can add it as a item skin or attachment but not sure how it will works for structures

Figured it out, you can still use the COMPONENTS TAB to add meshes and other items. Thanks For the replies!

u mean add the components to the root?

or child them. It seem to work either way. :slight_smile: