Combining objects+emitters into 1 component

I am a beginner.

I have a Head (obj1) with 2 eyes (obj 2 and 3), there is a particle beam coming from both eyes. All is facing the Player (camera). It works but: This setup needs to be copied 10 times and placed. As far as I understand, I need to make a component (?) / blueprint with all items in it. Then I can copy and place it?

Please can anyone help me with this. I have the feeling that this is a beginners question ;-/



Freddy, I’m having trouble finding a quick and easy way to do this. You may have to recreate your setup in this way…

  1. Create a new Blueprint class based on “Actor”.
  2. Open your new actor Blueprint.
  3. In the “Components Panel”, use the “Add Components” button to add the necessary components to recreate your objects (head, eyes, particle emitter, etc.) You can arrange these in space using the “Viewport” tab.

Maybe someone else will offer a less labor intensive suggestion.

Krxtopher, thanks! Before you answered my question I came to the same conclusion but…

Before I created the class BP I had a working Particle Beam Laser like line, created by adding 2 Instance Parameters, 1 as source with actor selected 1 of the 2 eyes, the 2nd as target the ThirdPersonCharacter.

That worked fine, when walking the laserbeam keeps on targeting on the character.

Class BP

As you suggested I added the needed components, placed them, no problem. But the problem comes with the Particel Beam, I also added 2 instance parameters, renamed as source and target, as actors…but then I could not select the eye as source or the ThirdPersonCharacter as the target. Why? I don’t know, I am a beginner…

By the way, this was the tutrorial for creating a beam between 2 actors, this worked fine until I wanted to create this in a class BP. - YouTube


Instead of using the “actor” approach to setting beam source and beam target you’ll want to set them programmatically as location vectors. To do this, in your particle definition, change the “Target Method” for both the “Source” and “Target” from “Actor” to “User Set”…


Then, in your blueprint create an event graph similar to the one below (you might have named your components differently)…

If any of this is unclear just let me know. It’s sometimes difficult to describe this stuff in text.

Hey Krxtopher,

Fixed it! from “Actor” to “User Set” does the trick ;-}

Thanks for your help! I am a beginner so more problems will come over me soon :slight_smile:

Thanks again!!


That’s fantastic! Keep the questions coming. Would you mind marking my answer as correct? It will give me some credit and help others find this topic in the future.

Did it, thanks again!!!