Combining multiple additive animations in Sequencer

Hi all, I am working on a project where my intended workflow is to create animation content by combining additive animations with override animations in the Sequencer tool. There are often cases where I will want to be playing multiple additive animations at the same time. When this occurs, it seems to blend the additive animations together in a 50/50 weight split, and not playing each animation fully at 100%.

An example: My first animation is playing on a character is a normal standing idle animation. This is an override animation. Next I have an animation that makes the character look to the left 90 degrees. This is an additive animation. These 2 animations work together perfectly. Now, when I introduce another additive animation of the character waving their arm, the head pops back to a halfway 45 angle, and the arm does not raise up to the full wave extent. These 2 additive animations are fighting and playing at equal weights between each other.

Does anyone have any insight to this problem? Is there a way to not have these additive animations combine, but instead play fully and combine with 100% weight?

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Here’s a video for me to explain further.


Same problem. Did you find any solution by any chance?


I think I`ve found some

not helpful… your google drive is deleted… why not just upload here to hte forums…?