Combining morph targets with states

I’m trying to understand how morph targets work. I have a rigged character within UE4 with a couple of morph targets.
For examples a morph target on the eyes. 100% is eyes closed. 0 percent is eyes open.

I want for example a walking state with the eyes open and a walking state with the eyes closed.

Is is possible to set the value of a morph target with in blueprint like setting a variable, or can this only be done with an animation of the morph target. I ant combine multiple animations at the same time, can I ?

Can anyone explain this to me please ?`

thank you,

In the npc or player blueprint you can set a variable.

The anim blueprint read the variable and send to node set Morph target, you can have a any number of ** set Morph target** nodes.

Awesome! Thank you very much. This was what I was looking for.