Combining Laser and Photo with CP's

Hey Guys i try to combine Laserscan (with color) and photos but it will not connect because the space is pretty narrow.

I put on some control points on photos and laserscan but the deviation is very high as you can see in the pitcture below. I think also the community whishes for some in depth tutorials in this topic…

also in the inspection area there is no web connection between photos and laserscans…

When taking photos, it was suggested to move as far away until the photos have the same resolution as the Laserscan. But this will never be possible if you are doing indoor scanning.

What can I do in this case?

Thank you guys

well since there is no Hotline and bad technical Support here in the Forum, I don’t understand how the expensive fee’s for technical Support are justified…

Especially for ENT  users who pay 3750€ every year and the Support on Top, although they bought an unlimited license

there are many many Support questions on combining Laser + Photo and the users really want to know in depth how to work with this and the only explanations are videos without voice explanation and everything works smoothly because you have perfect dataset.

yea, seems that this forum is a bit dead. 

Do you know how aligning points from photos and lidar data works? Is it just a final cloud generated from photogrammetry registered with LIDAR or every pair of the photo is “pinned” to corresponding points one by one? And what it does when points are doesn’t suit perfectly. Does it create another layer of points with a small offset (noise generally) due to to errors, or there is an algorithm that will erase all points that have too big error taking as a reference LIDAR data?