Combining games with Websites?

Hey guys,

First of all, I have no knowledge in Networkprogramming. (Which doesn’t mean, that I dont want to learn it!)
I mainly create small games, using Blueprints, that I share with my friends.

I thought about making future projects public, so that I have a bigger purpose in making these games.
My Idea was to create a website where you can play these games, so that your highscores a placed into a list for other players to beat them.
My question:
Could you point me in the direction on how to go about creating a system in Blueprints, that checks if a player is logged into the website. Is it even possible to do it using Blueprints? Would you suggest me another system to realize my project?

Hope you guys can help me.


You are going to be stuck where I am stuck. I am sure you will get 1 or 2 replies here saying something along the lines of “Use an SQL database” or “download my SQL plugin” but learning how to setup that database or how to use that plugin my friend, is a different story. I got told that an option that requires you to write pretty minimal code is using a service called GameSparks which can authenticate users than write and store, then retrieve data from said online database. It has functions specifically to create leader boards and your games could each have their own leader board with the data stored on a central database.

HOWEVER, the documentation to learn anything past the authentication system is dismal. Support is extremely unhelpful, if you get an error good luck getting help how to solve it. Also good luck finding documentation in forums. Guides on this kinda stuff are years old and outdated. If you find a good guide on how to set up UE4 to online database communication please let me know.


This will require learning networking and C++. Blueprints won’t have the capabilities you need to accomplish this.

EDIT: Sorry, I hit submit too soon: I wanted to mention there may be plugins that meet your needs but our of the box the above holds true.