Combining Dialogue plugins

Hello there, I’m working on something right now and I’m trying to add a Dialogue Plugin to some programming from something else entirely and I’m not getting much for results.

I started out by using this tutorial…

Which helps me to create some wandering AI and give them a simple single line of dialogue that can appear.

I think bought this plugin…

Thinking that I would just have to simply just have to duplicate the AI from the first one (original named oneline_NPC, then duplicate and name the new one dialogue_NPC) and replace the widget with one I made to make him have the advanced dialogue.

Needless to say, I can’t get this to work. Can someone help me please? And feel free to talk to me like I know nothing.

Hello, Ballto. There’s plenty of ways to get around this, i guess. It depends on the organization of code you’re building your system with.

Can’t we do dialog with arrays?