Combining complex and simple collision in a mesh

Hi all,

I have the mesh shown in the attached image. I’ve selected the “use complex collision as simple” option in the mesh editor because I need precise collision in the engraved area (balls will be moving around in there). The problem is, the mesh will be rotated during the game and since its top side is open, the balls fall down. So I want to add another simple collision shape, such as a box, that will sit on top of the object and prevent the balls from going out of the engraved area.

I tried going to the collision menu and adding a box simplified collision, and then moving the box in the viewport so that it sits right above the mesh. But it doesn’t work and the balls keep going out of the engraved area as if the box is not there. Is it not possible to combine complex and simple collision shapes in the editor?

PS: I know I can use UCX collision to do what I want but I just want to know whether I can do it without that.



This is not currently supported. One thing you could try is to create the simple collision on a different static mesh and then attach the two objects together using the scene hierarchy.

Hope that helps

That’s what I thought. Thanks for the response.