Combining Assets in Content Browser

Hi all.

If you look at the following image, you can see that I’ve made a high res car asset for Unreal…

The only way I know of to bring in the car is to select all the assets and drag them in. So, they are also separate in the world outliner too.

Ideally, what I’d like to have is an item in the content browser I can drag into the scene, which brings in the whole object. Essentially a group item/asset which references each of the parts but has them as a whole/merged item.

Is there a way to do this? Am I making any sense?


You could probably export all the pieces in a single FBX file, and then UE4 will probably merge all of this into a single staticmesh upon importing if you configure the options correctly.

That is not exactly what you asked for though. You want a kind of prefab probably, and that doesn’t exist in a simple form. The thing that comes closest is making a Blueprint that has all of these pieces assembled in it. You will need to set this up once but after that you’d be good to go.

Which of the 2 options to take depends on the further use of the asset and your performance requirements. Option 1 is heavier on memory, option 2 could be heavier on rendering.