Combined mesh

I am new to game development and Unreal Engine 4. I am using version 4.16.1
In this game, I have N objects and. To combined any 2 objects, they must compatible with each other. This implies the decision will be made in the code for compatibility. Can we make a single mash with N objects and separate inside our code? How we will be identifying which mash is which. My attention is to use fbx format and somehow separate them in an array in the code. I am not sure if it is possible? Else I must bring N number of static mashes.

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What’s wrong with separate meshes that you join within an actor using sockets to provide the location where they join together?

If they need to be “compatible with each other” in terms of gameplay then that’s not a mesh issue; that’s game logic.

Maybe an array of struct where the struct has a mesh type and and enum type where enum is the compatibility indicator? And then sockets for connection per Trojanfoe?