Combined local and remote multiplayer with Blueprint

I have tried to make combined multiplayer work (additional local characters on clients and/or server) with UE 4.13, but I did not succeed.

What I already tried is:

  • Call CreatePlayer on the client - this leads to a mess, afterwards, the client character also can be controlled by an additional game pad on the server
  • Call CreatePlayer on the server - same as above, a client game pad can now control the main server character
    (I have reported the upper behaviour Calling CreatePlayer (Blueprint) on client leads to bug - Multiplayer & Networking - Unreal Engine Forums )
  • Call CreatePlayer withouth spawning a pawn, and then SpawnActor and posses a character afterwards. This does not seem to work at all, as no game pad works on the spawned character
  • Creating empty pawns and then respawning characters - I got several engine crashes with this, as "Destroy"ing actors during initialization seems to break things. But even then, it did not work out.

Does anyone know a way to combine local and remote multiplayer only with Blueprints? I just need a way to properly create/spawn the characters, so that I can have for example 2 local players on the server and 2 local players on the client.