Combined First and Thirdperson blueprint tutorial

Im currently working on a project that combines both first and thirdperson into one blueprint. I am documenting my work on my youtube channel found here if anyone should be interested.

In each episode i address various topics like, camera transitions, interaction with stuff, how to pickup weapons and items, and doors. I also address partial destruction and how they can be setup.
In the most recent episodes i address how to create surroundings awareness in order to implement controller movements like ledge climbing and moving into cover.

A lot of my work involves working in Maya and makes heavy use of animations from Mixamo. I also use 3dsmax in a few of the videos.

Currently i don’t have any particular plans with this project but may post parts of it on the marketplace if it can be done without breaking any legal rules (since lots of the animations are modified versions of Mixamo animations).

I spend a lot of time making free/ad-free tutorials covering UE4/Mixamo/Maya/MotionBuilder/Mocap and basically anything gamedev related. Click the button below if you want to support me.


Here’s a demo link showing the current state: UE4.10.1 Unreal Engine - true first and third person blueprint demo - WIP - YouTube

A lot of really good stuff there, thanks.

This awesome! Aloneball thanks!

Here’s another update on the blueprint: UE4.10.1 Unreal Engine - true first and third person blueprint demo - WIP2 - YouTube

Great, thank you :smiley:

WIP3: UE4.10.1 Unreal Engine - true first and third person blueprint demo - WIP3 - YouTube the tutorials to explain the latest additions will be coming the next few days.

Aloneball aka Jonas, I’m loving this work and your tutorials… excellent stuff and thank you for sharing your impressive skills!

If it suits your plans, please get this on the Marketplace… I’ve got some good money waiting for you :slight_smile:


I’ve finally started building along with the First and third person tutorials playlist an seemed like they started off after some initial work. After checking there where some videos previous that weren’t in the playlist that is probably where he started. I wasn’t sure if these where gonna teach people or where just an overview of what he was building for himself an so far it seems like he’s teaching us how to build this stuff. So are you guys wanting to buy the finish project an skip the building it yourself process? As he mentioned he has stuff in the project that he wouldn’t be allowed to package like the animations. I was reading on their site about the characters could only be distributed in a game where the original files couldn’t be gotten too. So he’d have to work out a deal with one of the animation providers for a custom set to fit this project.

aloneball, love the videos an once people realize what your doing I thing your popularity will grow. From the WIP videos this is what everyone is asking for so hope you can find away to accept donations.

just scrolling through the playlist video names made me subscribe… will check them out as I go. But it looks really helpful,
cheers mate!

Thanks for all the supporting words. It’s sure nice to hear. And yes i checked with Mixamo and unfortunately i will be breaking some rules if i were to ship my project with the animations. That suxx sorry! :frowning:

I’ll see what i can figure out. Since i’ve bought some mocap equipment and also have an interrest in animations (as you might have noticed), i may try to make some of the animations and replace them.

In anyway i will keep making the tutorials so that i explain as good as i can how to make them yourself, thereby not breaking their EULA.

Anyway, wanna leave a little update too on the wip: UE4.10.1 Unreal Engine - true first and third person blueprint demo - WIP4 - YouTube

I’ll update the tutorials the next few days.

Hi Aloneball :slight_smile: I’m just going through your tutorials at a really high level, just to be sure that I can get my head around them. Next week I’ll be able to make a start into implementing them. Great stuff, so VERY useful!

You know, it actually kind of helps me… when in the videos you sometimes get puzzled or don’t get stuff working temporarily… to go through your fixing process with you. So a tutorial with a bit of head scratching and back 'n forth is still REALLY useful.

I understand Mixamo’s limitations on distributing their animations etc, but I think… as a marketplace package… your **‘Aloneball’s First / Third Person Action Climbing BP Pack’ **would be just fine… if you deleted the Mixamo animations and replaced them with simple placeholders to start with (and then added your own mocaps as you updated it). Users can then add Mixamo animations as per your videos, and serious users are likely to use their own anims anyway.

Btw, I just spotted that #27 is missing from your YouTube playlist. The actual numbers aren’t a problem of course, unless you might’ve accidentally forgotten to upload one.

Hi WhiteNorthStar, great to hear you are starting with the series. Just let me know on youtube if you have questions to each episode.

And thanks for pointing out that #27 was missing. I just corrected it.

About a way to get it to the marketplace… i’ll figure something out and get back once i know more.

WIP5 is up. Main topic since last time is implementation of cover. UE4.10.1 Unreal Engine - true first and third person blueprint demo - WIP5 - YouTube

Tutorials will be updated the next week. Hope they will be usefull.

Thanks aloneball, I’m still working along an up to the part 19 jump to ledge. There has been some parts I had trouble with where you had done things offline, but I’m trying to learn what you did so I’m not so dependent tutorials.

So how far has everyone else gotten that is following along?

I’ll go check what i did there and if it maked sense i’ll add a 19.5. Thanks for the feedback. And feel free to suggest additional functionality.

It wasn’t anything in part 19 that was just where I’m at in the series. I didn’t understand what you did with the custom montage play for the door animation but I should figure it out. I didn’t see where you implemented the weapon firing though. I’m trying to remember to look at your video list for videos inbetween tutorials. Just following the playlist you will miss some content. At the moment I’m dealing with the Mixamo animations an adding the root bone. I downloaded the animations before, but can’t figure out what skeleton there exported with. I will just have to re-download them with they UE4 skeleton, but they seemed to be an issue with what skeleton/mesh their used with. Even with your videos the animations contort the mesh most noticeably in the arms. I guess the difference between robot an human animations.

Ok I got myself all confused reguarding the “96” being used with the hanging animations. When building the shimmy montage my character was dipping in both directions like your had in the one. So after comparing these three animation hieghts with idle to hang hang drop, and hang to crouch they where all at different hieghts and/or the root bone was in a different position. So as I planned to redo all of them I looked at where other animations handled root bone placement. Bothe Epics an Kubolds Movement Pro animations seem to keep the root bone zero’d out even when the character dips below the zero plane. So question is should the “96” z-axis be on the root bone or stay with the hips? The 96 was originally just how high the animation jumps, but it works even when jumping to ledge higher than 96. An when the character is in a hanging state where should the root bone be, at the characters standing foot point, probably 96 below his hips?

I don’t use root motion for Shimmy left and right. Only when i need to move the character up (during the jump) and also when he gets up to standing (climb to crouch or something… can’t remember the name). When that’s said, i just noticed that i have a root that starts up in the air on one of my root-motion animations, but apparently it seem to work anyway. So both shimmy left and right have a stationary root at (0,0,0) and i move the character by moving the capsule just like a normal walk.

About the mis-match of the skeletons, then the problem with the animations from Mixamo and playing them on the UE4Mannequin is only visible if you keep all joints using “Animation”. So in general you want to set Root to use “Animation” and then Recursively set “Recursively set translation retarget skeleton” on Pelvis (so that it affects all from there). And then manually set Pelvis to “Animation”.

Hope that makes sense and helps.

I’ve decided to dis-continue this tutorial series now. It’s currently 99 Episodes long, but should have enough content to keep you busy for a while. I will eventually see if i can redo all animations with my own ipi-soft created animations, but that will take lots of time. I will however keep watching this thread so feel free to ask questions here or at my channel at each episode.