Combine "Print String" and "Append" in Blueprint Nodes

Hi All,

I have a question to all people that are well-versed in coding. What I try to do is combining the “print string” node with the “append” (string) node. The ideal outcome would be the same print string node, but with a little + sign for “add pin” like we have it in the “append” (string) node.

I was already able to track down the code for both nodes in the source engine files:

  • Print String: In file “KismetSystemLibrary.cpp”, lines 239-307 (in UE 4.25)
  • Append (string): In file “KismetStringLibrary.cpp”, lines 13-22 (in UE 4.25)

File Directory is “Unreal Engine\UE_4.25\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Private”

If I was able to contribute more than this little bit of information, I surely would. So now I kindly ask for someone who can tell me IF this can be done afterall and if so, how one would achieve this. This will surely be of interest to more people than just myself :slight_smile:

I appreciate any help offered!