Combine imported static meshes


Is there a way to combine imported static meshes into some sort of assets so i can easily re-use it, manipulate it, eventually add some scripts to it ? I first though about blueprints, so this is what i did:

I took all the geometry i’ve imported (to be precise, 6 columns, one floor and one ceiling - to make a “part” of my level), highlighted them then i clicked on Blueprints → Convert selected components to blueprint class. That created a nice scriptable and duplicable blueprint, it seemed to work well, but then UE4 crashed. After some tests, i noticed that almost every actions on this blueprint object causes UE4 to crash instanly. This include the CTRL+Z action.

So i wonder, because i’m really far far away from knowing everything about UE4, if this workflow - converting some static meshes to blueprint in order to script and use them together more easily - was the good one, and what could have caused the crashes ? Are these crashes linked to some kind of mistakes i did ? FYI, the imported static meshes are pretty commons, low poly, no uv overlapping errors, untextured.

Thank you for your help and advices, UE4 is awesome.

same question:

Actually not the same question. The one linked refers to converting all actors to a single mesh to reduce draw calls. This one is about reusing combinations of meshes in a level.

Anyway, I think you should create the BP first, and then add the meshes. May be that way it works fine.