combine animation montage with state machines

Hi there!

I’ve two animation montages and set of animations.

One animation montage is responsible for idle animations - basically it plays default idle and after 20 seconds it play special idle (though the question regarding how to play different special idles from time to time I’ll save for next time)
It looks like this

Another animation montage is responsible for switch player state to crouching - I play two sequenced animations to switch to crouch state in order to make it more fluid. Player switch to crouch position when the flag isCrouching is set.

Also I have a separate animation that switch player from crouch state to standing idle state. I do that in state machine and for transition rule I check whether isCrouching is not set

My event graph in animation blueprint looks like this

But how to play my idle montage, crouch montage and then return from crouch to idle again?

I was trying to add playing montage like this - but it does not work

Thank you

P.S. Should I have used animation composite instead of animation montage in my case?

Hey @Chucke1992 Did you ever figure this out? I know this is an old post, but this sounds like my issue. Thanks!

It’s not very clear what the issue even was.

If you need to play different idle animations, create a new state machine inside the idle state machine.
Within that you can drag from entry to a default idle, and from the default idle to different idles.

The outside idle node will take care of the Exit state, so you only have an Entry inside nested states.