Combat System

Hello everyone,
I’m finalizing my system to sell it on the market place. It’s the system I’m using for my own game. It’s a fighting game similar to Mortal Kombat for local 2 players (online feature is under development). It’s all Blueprint no C++ at all.
I plan to sell it for just under 100$ as a release price. When it’s completed with online features it will cost 150$. But for those who buy it now can upgrade free of charge.
Features are all explained in the video but here’s a list of some of them:

  • 1 VS 1
  • Team VS Team
  • Story Mode
  • Select character
  • Select Arena
  • Combo System
  • Special Abilities
  • Throws
  • Weapons
  • Lock/Unlock-able Treasure
  • Lock/Unlock-able characters and Arenas
  • Camera moves in/out based on distance between characters
  • Cut Scenes
  • Character can assign different moves, projectiles, weapons… etc
  • much more

To make it easier for everyone I’m using UE4 skeleton (in the demo I used Mixamo characters on UE4 skeleton).
Would be great to have your feedback.

PLEASE NOTE: story, models and music are included for demo purpose but not for sale. You’re paying for the Blueprint code only.

Currently available here
Still awaiting approval from Market Place.

Have a great one

Good work!

Will you add an AI or this will be only 2 player game?
If displayed characters are not in package, what will be? Will you add some generic characters?

Wow amazing Framework, looks reall good using the animations and contact of the hit si sexy!!

Thank you very much for the feedback.
Yes, in the story mode you fight against AI. I fortgot to mention that. The character are in the package but I hope people will design their own characters.

Thank you very much. Glad you’ve liked it :slight_smile:

when would this system be complete?

Depends on what you mean by complete. What I demonstrate is ready for shipping and submitted to the market place. For the online features is still under development. I’m exploring different solutions from peer to peer or dedicated server. I would say maybe a month from now I should have an online solution.

I check out the vid and the other one COT2EPIC. what I meant was is fighting system/options feature complete sorry about that. I noticed there is only 1 round and no timer, if its optional in the blueprint or do we have to code it ourselves? Another thing is the fight system i didn’t see any air attacks or any crouching attacks other then a sweep, which had me wondering if you had a hit box system like MK/SF were its for High/Mid/Low. The last thing is when a character jumped on another they bounced off instead of sliding off like in MK/SF.

sorry for all the questions im just really interested in this combat system.

I like your suggestions. However, as I mentioned before, this is the system I’m using for my own game so it’s a design choice I made not to include a timer and make it a 1 round fight only. The reason is because it felt too long match to have 3 rounds in a team of five. I skipped the timer because I noticed many players hit you few times then they start to avoid you, block and run away until the time expires. I like my game to be fast and very interactive. Fight is the only choice players have to win. That said I might add a timer in future updates.
I don’t use High/Mid/Low hit system. Instead it’s the type of hit that define what reaction an opponent should do. I think this is more accurate and precise. I have low kick and low punch (uppercut) but the system allow you to add as many hits as you want including air attacks.
Yes, they bounce instead of slide which is not great but that’s because characters have a capsule shape. There’s a work around (adding a triangle on top of character) to make them slide but when I did that I then had to increase the jump height to make characters jump over each others. My choice I just didn’t like that high jump. Again, I could add that in future update. (not for my game but for this system)
I would love to add as many general features as customers wants but I’m waiting to see how well it will be received first. Obviously if I get many fans supporting the project then yes I will do everything I can to implement all features they want :smiley:
Just to clarify things, this is not an animation asset. This a blueprint project. You can add as many animations, graphics, and even features as you want but I’m not selling the animations I’m selling the system.

Forgot to say that I’m working on the options menu at the moment :slight_smile:

An update:
Market place has a policy not allowing re-distribution of assets. I will have to remove all the animations and models. Although I created them using Adobe Fuse but it seems there’s a bit of misunderstanding. Anyway, I’m trying to find an alternative way to include animations. Models has to be the standard UE4 character I’m afraid. Will update you soon.

Submitted to Market Place and waiting result.
If you like to get it earlier please PM me

It’s now available here
Still waiting to hear back from Market Place

I’m working on a new upgrade to be released in the coming few months. The new version will have an increased price as I will add more features. I’m looking at Networking options and VR at the moment. Not confirmed yet but I’m hoping to add those features for a pro version. If you grab the current version (LT) before the pro released you will have a 50% discount on the pro version.
Happy new year everyone :slight_smile:

wont let me buy it On selfie

Should have it on Marketplace :slight_smile:

Thank you for the interest. Can you please elaborate what you meant by that?


Alright Purchased!!!

Sorted now!
So gonna Disect this, I working on a system like this but it was really hard on some bits :smiley:

Using Able Ability System and Input buffer also


Gonna focus on story and characters.
Do you use ue4 damage system?

:smiley: I not actually Using your System, I am using it to see how you do Certain things for this style of Game :smiley:

I notice most of the Code is in BP_Base Character.
I was lost on how to do Throw Animations and Combos and different Moves for different characters.
Hopefully This will give me insight. Better do as it was $115 ><

But thanks.
Will disect certain things :smiley:

Hi jwyuen,
Sorry for the late reply, I was ill actually.
I tried to make it as easy as I can for other users. All you need to do to change animations is to look at the Class Default settings for each character and scroll down to Moves section. There you can choose your animations to replace mine. Look at my animations to see how I do with notify to make it do certain things in specific time.
Hope this helps


Hey Raed!
Hope you getting better. A lot of illness going around at the moment, Even up here lots i know has chest infections.

Aww ok I Will Have a look and Try editing the system :slight_smile:
I Also Using ABLE Ability System To handle Animations and Input buffer for Command sets (F F PUNCH/ Down quarter Circle PuncH). So instead of actually Using montages and stuff will be using able for the Animations. Will also use the player controller to handle the Inputs.
Its tricky as you have a large number of characters with different Commands and Abilities isnt it? Thinking Of using datatables and Enums to handle this.

So what new features are you adding?
Will i be able to get regular updates on this?
I always prefer buying from Marketplace as updates are easier.

Game will be a Hack N Slash later, But i want to release it With the characters as a Beat em up to Introduce my Element Characters!
Then i will turn it into a Full DMC Style Later if i can get funding!
Abilties Will be the same for the beatem up :smiley: