Combat system, with swords!

Hey guys I am starting to sort out a combat system for my game but im getting abit stuck.
I have a generous amount of animations to choose from so thats not the issue,
I was just wondering what would be the best way to set up a combat system, that included combos?

Iv currently set it up so all characters can do a basic clash, but it doesnt interact with players at the moment so it just passes right through them.

you’d likely just need to set up hit boxes for collisions so that it knows when it has overlapped with an important object or character…

here’s how I set up my hit capsules…you can use boxes or anything you’d like…Let me know if you’ve any questions…

Hey there, thanks that video was really helpful for me
one question though as its never shown but i have a fair idea,
for running the start and end vorpal trace in your case events using notifiers
do you just have notifier events in anim graph call your custom events?

my bad looking bad you did actually explain that in the video, iv got it hooked up now but for some reason the overlap event just wont fire,
iv debugged it so i know that the collision is being changed, but its not overlapping or being hit

set up a “print string” for now…just to check that it knows it’s colliding with things…then check the enemy/thing you’re colliding with and make sure it’s collision is set up as well to receive the overlap…maybe set up another print sting there too to see where the problem starts…if that doesn’t work post screenshots and we’ll try to figure it out…

As the president said , make sure your coliders station able to shoot overlap of events both in the player weapon colider as the enemy’s weapon colider . Usually the most common problem .

During the early hours of the morning I successfully managed to get hits with the sword! :slight_smile:
My next aim is to set up combos, ideally just two- Fast combo and Heavy combo
I have opened up montage and pieced together a few animations for each but thats all iv done so far,
suggestions on where to go from there?

I made a basic combos system before yesterday . What I did was create anim notifies within the AnimMontage opening a window of time to combo within each attack animation . There is a notification to open the window and to close . The ending I put at the beginning of each animation.

These notifications control a Boolean variable in the event graph called " IsComboTime " . So I check if the attack button ( weak attack or strong attack ) was pressed within this time window, that is, while the Boolean is true . If it is, we perform a check which session this montage playing to know which session I will change , and so on .

It’s simple, but it worked very well so far.