Combat system development for top down Mobile RPG

First of all, I’m no programmer. I don’t have any experience with game design either but I do have money and two successful companies (Not related to gaming industry). Companies I can say were born to fund an MMORPG, and from those roots will come a Software Development Company. I need people who are motivated and willing to help me get this thing off the ground. Like I said I have the capital to lay a good foundation and investors waiting for my next venture.

-I’ve spent the better part of 10 years working on the mechanics and story. Basically, how I want it to look and play.
-I know it has to be taken in steps and honestly have no idea where to start. Nore am I going to sit here and claim to.

Simple is best:
-Graphically moderate third person sci-fi RPG similar to Ultima Online.
-Styling cues from StarCraft where the sprites are very small.
-Combat similar to Spartan: Total Warrior. The toughest part im sure but I believe an engaging combat system will hook player better than extreme graphics.

My theory is to keep it doable with mild graphics and a rather small introductory world. Basically a tutorial and first city. Get the program on Google Play then grow when subscribers collect.
It will be Free to play with in game purchases. Here again, I’m not giving away my hard earned money.

I’ve got the business end covered and a good model concept I just need you guys to breathe life into it. The company has not been named and I’m very flexible with the design. Join this old time gamer, after all, you would probably be working on a similar project anyway why not make a little cash doing it.

Let me know what you think!

Hey, I’ll need more details, but it sounds interesting. I’d like to discuss more, if you’re still interested.
Here’s my Skype ID: IBMAXX1.
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