Combat Jets and Helicopters in Blueprints.


If you would like to learn how to implement flying and firing behaviours of Combat Jets and Helicopters in Blueprints using Physics, from scratch, we have created a **Course **in *Udemy *to teach you that. The course comes with over 15 hours of video lectures spanning across 2 Sections(Beginner and Intermediate), that will teach you step-by-step on how to set up, fly, and fire Combat Jets and Helicopters using Physics.

Take a look at the Intro Video of the Course :

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Rajesh Iyer
Co-Founder and Programmer at Neosphere Interactive

Do we get the 3D models which has been used, with this course?

Our Udemy Course has just achieved the 1000th student-enrolled milestone.

The introductory 50% discount coupon expires on 15th May.
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Yes, all the 3D models, textures, sprites, and sounds will come bundled with the Course.
Thank you!

Bought this some days ago :slight_smile: Probably will time for it just on work vacations weeks, hehe :slight_smile: Thanks for making this!

Thank you, Thunder Owl. Please do give us some feedback on it. It will help us improve the course.