Combat Hovertank Physics! (Battlezone II Inspired)

Yeah baby! Been working on this for a little while now, all written in C++ by yours truly :slight_smile:

Needs a few more features such as pitch control, and banking, proper drag values etc. It’s all written as part of a physics-based movement component, and I added First/Third person camera switching in there too. Very happy!

very nice, looks like you got the movement working pretty sweet:)

Oh man. I was trying to get this stuff working ages ago with a hovercraft. It’s a pain in the butt! I was defeated soundly, being the noob that I am. Well done! You are a true master! Haha

BattleZone 1998 (predecessor to BattleZone II) is one of my all-time favorites. A First-Person RTS. In fact, its the only RTS I’ve ever played. I’m curious, are you working on a spiritual successor (BattleZone III)?

Thanks all! I really struggled with the self-righting/following system for ages, but managed to fix it recently with a bit of mental maths…

I’d love to do a more expansive remake or successors to the games, unfortunately the copyrights of the content are really skewif since Pandemic went under a few years ago, and Activision licensed the Battlezone name from Atari to use it for their titles (despite having nothing to do with the original Atari wire-frame game). Activision are huge now, I’m not sure they’d either A) pay attention to a solo developer if I enquired about it and B) would probably charge me through the butt to have the rights to make a real successor the the games (even though they did really poorly when they came out due to bugs etc). People still play both games today and there’s a whole host of huge mods and expansions for each, this tank was originally going to feature in one of my own.

There is a title being worked on now called ‘Bionite: Origins’, but as far as I know it’s been struggling through development and develops a story of its own, they got in a little bit of legal trouble over the ‘Battlezone’ name too.

That said, I am working on this as a hobby project both to improve my C++ skills. I’m hoping that if it ever has enough content, it will draw attention to itself enough for the publishers to at least get in touch over it. It’s still my baby project for now though :slight_smile:

Like a Magrider from PlanetSide 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job btw.

very nice , just the sort of thing we need, i can think of quite a few game type vehicle that could use this

I figure there will be legal concerns with a fan based reincarnation of any sort. I quickly learned this, abandoning my The MIST Fan-based Game. In my opinion, Fans will associate the mere use of Hovertanks to BZ1/BZ2 no matter how its presented. I could easily see swapping land for sea, transforming the Hovertanks to Hydrotanks. Subroc-3D comes to mind, which was sort of the Sea version of original Battlezone 1980. You could add new game features such as Achievements. I personally would like to see the out-of-tank FPS combat beefed up. There have been several games inspired by the original BattleZone: Stellar 7, Articfox, others. It stands to reason, its predecessors would also inspire other FPS & RTS Tank Simulations. Keep up the good work and good luck.

The best thread on the matter is here, written by one of the original dev’s himself: Sticky: Why a 'Battlezone 3' is unlikely - Battlezone Forums

Mind you, as it’s a hobby project for the considerable mean-time, I shouldn’t have anything to worry about!

This looks very cool! I wasn’t so interested in car driving, but this hovercraft is very inspiring!