Combat Game Designer

Frogwares, a video game developer expert in creating AAA investigation adventure titles, is looking for a combat game designer to work on the combat system for our upcoming game on a remote freelance or consultative basis. We are in search for a motivated, talented and experienced person, ready to collaborate with design, programming and animation teams to develop high and low level combat design, and create a great combat system to fit the game.


  • Develop and assist the implementation of the combat system in the actual game;
  • Use unreal engine tools to create prototypes and iterate to reach the design objectives;
  • Create clear, visually-oriented, reference and design materials, and implementation guidelines for the teams;
  • Assist in tuning and balancing of the combat system in the actual game for players to get the best gaming experience.

Skills and experience

  • 2+ years of combat system design experience in the gaming industry or similar;
  • Familiar with unreal engine and the Toolkit to jump on the lane fast;
  • Ability to work remotely and be on a fast reach with no dead silence.

Personal Characteristics

  • Ability to bring ideas and thoughts to other people in a seamless, clear way;
  • Easy in creating descriptive and visually-oriented design guidelines and directions;
  • High level time management and personal organization skills for a freelance work;
  • Passion for games and a true interest in gameplay creation are welcomed.

Frogwares is a highly acclaimed video game creation studio, standing independent for a decade and a half with a rich game-portfolio, available for Sony Playstation, Microsoft XBox and PC platforms. The kings are the games of an investigation adventure genre with a smart, intellectually challenging gameplay and pursuing the AAA production quality and graphic standards. The studio, based in Kiev, Ukraine with the head office in Dublin, Ireland, have gathered under its wings the team close to a fives-core of a highly professional and extremely enthusiastic game creators, having all the technical and production facilities at their disposal. We see our way in engaging the players into the world of highly emotional, intelligent game experience and having a close emotional connection with our games.

For contact:

Hey Nikita,

I would love to chat with you a bit more about this, we have some very detail oriented game and systems designers over here so we definitely can lend a hand where needed