Combat Designer

Here’s a short proof of concept cinematic for Adrayvia:

Hi. I’m Ibrahim Akinde - Game Designer, AI programmer, Systems Programmer/Blueprinter, UI Designer, Composer and Writer. I’m available for contractual and/or paid work.
I’m available on Skype, but I may also be contacted via mail. Feel free to reach out so we can discuss.

Skype ID: IBMAXX1.
Email: [EMAIL=“”]

These are quick showcases of my work:

My online resume:
Links to my portfolios:…-art-of-combat
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ArtStation - Ibrahim Akinde


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Still available for work at this time. Just reach out if you need help with your project. I’m proficient in game design, gameplay design, gameplay programming, UI/UX design. Even if your project is of the ‘UNPAID’ status, reach out first. You never know :P.

Just bumping this thread.

Bumping this thread. Available for paid contracts again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still looking for paid work. You can reach me via mail: and/or Skype: IBMAXX1.

Hall of Sorrows (Level Design by yours truly :D) :


On the battleground of your choice
Will the homebound rejoice?
Will the voiceless utter curses
Or wish for voices?

My new composition - Voices. Check it out on my Soundcloud profile: Stream Ibmax - The Blurr | Listen to Voices playlist online for free on SoundCloud

New showcase of UI Design/Development for Adrayvia:


Still available for work. Thanks.

Happy New Year everyone!! Wishing you a lovely 2017!

Hey guys,
Meet Estelle (Lighting and Rendering techniques)


Anyone who wants to test Adrayvia’s alpha, just pm me on Skype: IBMAXX1.

Hope you’re having fun!

Hey guys! Here are some new video showcases:

Assassin Class Showcase:

Real-Time War Mode Showcase (SwordMeister Class Play-through):

Real-Time War Mode Showcase (Vorhut Class Play-through):

Real-Time War Mode Showcase (Drachenritter Class Play-through):


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Still available for contractual work. :slight_smile:

How would you say you perform with first person gameplay and polishing of first person gameplay?

I’m very comfortable with just about any aspect of gameplay. But it would be nice to have some details. You can reach me on Skype so we can chat: IBMAXX1, or by mail:

A little something :D:

hey there !
r u still available for work ?
can u help me designing a vehicle combat ?

Sure. Reach me on Skype so we can discuss: IBMAXX1. :slight_smile: