Combat Animator for "Dark Souls"-like game with Fighting Game mechanics

Archon Forge Games is a new company created with experienced AAA artists and industry professionals. Our current team includes professionals who have worked on the Dark Souls series, Capcom, Industrial Light & Magic, and Ashes of Creation among others. Further details will require signing of an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

About us

  • Global team of ~8 professionals
  • Partners include an AAA executive who has invested in us and is advising us on development
  • Our game concept has been in development for 3 years with company formed in late 2018
  • Our game is funded and we have won a small government grant for development of our game
  • We have original characters built and rigged to handle complex facial, body, and weapons

We are looking for an experienced Combat Animator to add to our team:


  • 3+ years experience with complex animations projects in Unreal Engine 4.21 and Maya (2019)
  • Animations primarily with humanoid rigg but we also have facial, monster, and quadra-ped riggs
  • Combat will require working with various animation requirements including various weapons(swords, 2 handed weapons, polearms, dual weapons), shields, and grappling/throws in addition to regular movement/idle animations
  • Able to work with our inhouse “frame-data” requirements to build combat animations of a balanced Fighting Game
  • Able to work in international professional environment and provide daily/regular updates
  • Able to set their own project timelines and be able to consistently meet their own project timelines
  • Self-driven and able to work under little supervision
  • Experienced in managing state-machines, blueprints, and C++ a plus
  • Experience in Fighting Games a definite plus
  • Fluent English required


  • Remote work is ok.
  • We have partner offices in Vancouver, Tokyo, and Hong Kong
  • We are results focused and happy to work with different time-zones and part-time work schedules
  • Please email Kevin at if interested