Combat Animations to use in Marketplace Pack


I am currently in a pickle. I am working on an RPG Kit and I’ve reached the point where I want to handle the combat. The only issue is that I cannot find any place where I can get a hold of animations that I can use in the pack. Everywhere I look it says i cannot redistribute them and I assume using them in an RPG KIT means redistributing them. So any ideas where I can find animations ( free or paid) that I will be able to use for melee combat that I will be able to include in the pack? Or do I have to create them by myself( which is out of the question).


What animations do you need?

Well i would ideally need 1h + shield and 2h versions for the following animations :

attack light
attack heavy
attack combo
sheathe/unsheathe( i assume unsheathe is reversed)

So that’s 14 animations.Obviously I could work with less but that is what I would need in order to work on the combat side and implement it the way i want to.