Combat A.I Enemy walks backwards

Hey guys,
So I have greatly improved my a.i but now I want my A.I to be able to back up and move in on the player much often like we see in assassins creed witcher etc. I see systems on the ue4 marketplace, however It would be worthless to purchase such a thing because I have a a whole system I created.

So if anyone can tell me how to accomplish this that would be great. I am sure its something easy that am just missing. I have attached screen shots of the A.I movement and the attack system. I was thinking about adding in a animation of the player walking backwards but that wouldn’t work and it wouldn’t be the A.I than it would just be standard.

did you find how to do that?

I see this question is unanswered more than the cyberpunk release date, but perhaps what you said is the most “”""“elegant”"""""" solution? to make the AI to walk forward, rotate the character, and animate it backwards?.. you got me thinking there… the only downside of it, is that I would need to code something specific for when the AI is playing, instead of the player.