Comando Pantumaker [FREE DEMO]

Hi all.

First of all I want to say thanks to Epic and all the UE4 community for all the help and support you give to the people who dreams with building games.

Today I want to show you the first development steps of my game: Comando Pantumaker.

Comando Pantumaker is a game about a fight between revolution vs statu quo but from and humorous point of view that take place during election period that is declared ilegal by the currently goverment. From here, separatists will try to declare independence and uninoists will try to keep the country united by any means necessary and that means recover and custody all ballot boxes and arrest separatist commandos. One side want the ballot boxes to count the votes and declare independence. The other side wants to seize all the ilegal ballot boxes and prevent people for voting.
In the final version of the game, players can choose to defend the interests of the actual goverment or clame for indepence by completing
the objectives of the different stages.

In the current demo version you can play as a separatist commando that will try to recover the ballot boxes evading the state guards to count the votes and declare independence.

Game is divided by courses that contains 5 levels each one giving the player the opportunity to play and know better the different characters that take part in this hilarious history.

The way I would describe the gameplay style would be as third person stealth and arcade based on time limits to achieve the main objective that will be to recover
the ballot boxes (in the case of pro-independece commando) or seize it (in the case of the constitutionalist side).

You can download the free demo in the official page of the game:




Greetings from Spain!