Colour gradient like photoshop

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how can I get and Unreal Linear Gradient material to look more like a Photoshop gradient. In the pix, the Unreal one seems to be white in the middle whereas the Photoshop on has more color.

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I have heard that the dark gradient in PS happens because the color values are stored as their roots and later squared. The gradient function works with the root values instead of the actual ones, which causes the colors to become darker. I speculate that the gradient function of UE4 uses the regular values instead of the roots to interpolate the color.

It might be possible to simulate the PS gradient, if you take the roots of the individual channels, calculate their gradients, square the results and put them together again. (I am not at a pc with UE4 at the moment so I can not test if this answer will work or not).


Probably, most of this difference is because you selected wrong colors:

  1. The pink is not (0.835, 0.00955, 0.538) but something like (0.922, 0, 1).
  2. The green is not (0, 0.561, 0.08648) but (0, 1, 0.00913).

My values are not perfect too but much closer to the PS, because I used the color picker:

Also keep in mind that the preview scene is not a Texture/Image, it is a scene, it has a light etc and this changes the final preview result. Press L and Left Mouse Button to see how light direction is affecting the result.

Actually I started using a Photoshop Black & White gradient as the Lerp input rather that the Lerp node, this gives better results. And XevotPhoenix I wasnt trying to replicate the colours exactly, i just wanted all my colours in Unreal to better simulate the Photoshop saturated look. Good point about lighting in the scene. I am using unlit material, however.

Well I didn’t notice your material settings… UDKAP with his post gave me the idea to add a power(x,2) after the lerp. It is a bit closer to the PS result: