Colossus: Elements of Conflict

This is an update post for the game previously called Project Titan.

The game is coming along in development and starting to actually resemble a game.

Below are some screenshots and videos of where we are currently at in development.

We are hoping to start our Steam Greenlight campaign shortly, any and all advice on getting through the process would be greatly appreciated.

Imgur Album
YouTube Channel

Thanks for looking!


Fantastic work CreatureNZ! I remember first seeing Project Titan a while back and wow, has this game has come along since then. Keep up the great work and be sure to keep us updated as you progress along in the development of your project!

Is this still alive? :frowning: looks great…

Unfortunately not, student project ended, jobs were offered and taken, I imagine this happens quite a lot.

That’s not to say it will never be made, just not right now.

Looks pretty interesting!