Colors of photos look different in reality capture than in photoshop, lightroom etc

I just noticed that the colors of photos imported into reality capture look very different (in the reality capture 2d view and the exported final texture as well) from what they look like in photoshop, lightroom etc. Why could that be?

hello, are you comparing the exact same pictures and viewing them on the same monitor, plus as an RGB color? there are also some settings that enhance the outlook of images in Photoshop, Lightroom or so, which are not available directly in RealityCapture since its purpose is different

I’m comparing two things: First the image opened with the windows image preview (and also with lightroom) to the 2d view in reality capture. Second the color of the exported final texture with the color of some of the photos, both opened with the windows image preview. In both cases there is the same (significant) difference in color. The images and texture from reality capture is stronger in saturation and contrast than the photos. Everything is viewed on the same monitor. As soon as a photo is imported into reality capture it’s colors are changed. Both the photos and the exported texture are tiff images. Is there maybe something I could change in reality capture like photo import settings or so?

Hello could you post screenshots - before and after.

This is a screenshot showing one of the images opened with windows default image viewer on the left (looks the same in lightroom and photoshop) and reality capture 2d view on the right. This color difference shows also in the exported texture (it looks like the image on the right) and it happenes with all images I import

I just tested if the file format makes a difference but it doesnt. The color difference is there no matter if I import a raw file, tiff or jpg.

I found out the color difference happens with 16 bit images and the adobe RBG color profile, they have to be 8bit and srgb color profile. Is it already known when 16 bit images will work for texturing?

Hello Kittiya,

We have integrated custom HDR/16bit to 8bit tone mapping algorithm for better alignment and meshing. What you can do is to convert 16bit images to 8bit images in your preferred way outside RC and use them in RC. In the future, we plan to support also HDR/16bit texturing but we cannot give you any time estimation for now.

Hi Zuzana,


Thank you for the information, do already know when you will be able to support 16 bit texturing? 

Sorry I misread your post you already said that there is no time estimation :) 

8bit color depth per channel is standard