Colorize an area?

I’m curious, is there a way to “colorize” an entire section blue? I’m trying to make an ocean, but I need the underwater area to be blue for it to be believable.

you need a post process under your water. there are many tutorials for this and even the community ocean project that you could look at for ideas and guides

I added a post process, and I was following one of the many tutorials. I am struggling finding one made AFTER the change to post process volume, however. Scene Color is what most of them use, but that’s no longer an option. They changed it, from the looks of it.

you can also create a Color Grading LUT to enhance it further.
you could add post process materials to postprocess>RenderingFeatures>PostProcessMaterials to add distortion when under water.
it’s all in the community ocean project :slight_smile: