Colored Splines.

In a recent project I did I had to use a lot of splines. As I have so often and do request the same applies here. A color option for each spline would be nice. A good example is this scene from top down. There are several separate paths here and to be able have colors where when I look at this I know blue is this, red is this, green is this etc would be very helpful instead of having noodles everywhere. Being able to custom color stuff really helps in tracking things down fast and easy. Not just comments. Noodly spaghetti is not something very easy to untangle. Color coding could easily save hours of extra work.

You already can change a spline’s color in it’s details panel.

I looked there, but I just noticed it is when you are editing it in the actor editor. I am going to assume there is a way to promote it outwards and I will set that up in a bit. Thanks. This software feels like a jumbled mess sometimes.

You should be able to edit it on each instance in the level by selecting the spline in the components list of the details panel, then you should see all the spline specific options like the color.