COLORAMA - Cinematic color grading

Hey guys!
I’d like to show you my first submission on the marketplace: Colorama.
11 professional LUT files that will give great cinematic look to your projects.
I’m aware many people use LUTs for brightness correction so I’m including each file on 3 different exposure steps (-0.5, 0 and+0.5) 33 files in total, all for $4.99
I know there are a couple of color grading packages out there but I’m sure you’ll find mine useful :slight_smile:

looks good for 4.99 i would mess with them on some cut scenes of mine just for fun

Hi guys! Thanks to everyone who bought Colorama, I would love to see the projects you’re using it in so I can feature it in my website. Please don’t be shy and post a snapshot here.

BTW, does anybody know how to show that “Marketplace creator” badge under my user name?