Color selector in order to update & change health bar color not saving the color chosen


I am following the UE4 Learning Path “Welcome to Game Development” and in the course “Blueprints and Gameplay for Game Designers”, section “Widget Blueprint Introduction”, there is a part where you set a “Select Utility” to change the color of the player’s health bar depending on whether it is full or half its value. This is the one:


When I double click either the “False” or “True” black box to select the color, and I have chosen the color, after I press “OK” it does not save the color and the box remains black.

Anybody knows why this is happening? It is kind of driving me crazy. I closed and opened the project, I closed and opened UE4 and nothing. Is there any chance this is because the project files I downloaded for the “Blueprints and Gameplay for Game Designers” might be a different version and there is compatibility issues? I am not sure, since I am creating all the blueprints as part of the project from scratch. Or could this be a bug in UE4? Please let me know your thoughts.

Any information you might share is helpful. I have spent the last hour trying to see why that exact part does not work. I have completed everything else and everything seems to work as the section indented, but because of this color issue I cannot confirm if my Health bat actually changes color when it is below 50%. Again, any information is appreciated.

Thank you very much for reading thus far.

Have a lovely day.

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@OznehRol until this is solved, you can confirm the health by putting a debug console message there to check for the health and an if box.

I have the same issue. Restarting the engine does not solve it.
Anybody found anything?