Color picker only picks the first color in 4.26.1

I’m trying to use the color picker in the editor details panel to set a linear color property. The color only gets picked the first time that I pick a color, if I try to change the color it doesn’t update the color in the details panel.
How to reproduce it:

  1. Have an actor in the scene with a linear color property.
  2. Click on the color to open the color picker
  3. pick a color (see color updated in the details panel)
  4. Pick another color without closing the color picker (the color doesn’t get updated.)
  5. Get really annoyed.

Color Pickers have been in a sorry state for quite a bit now and there are some really annoying bugs revolving around not closing the current window and moving onto doing something else; namely the one that no longer allows you to PIE unless you restart the editor.

If you can find this particular issue in the tracker linked, consider upvoting it.

This seems to be the same bug which is marked as fixed for 25, but seems to still exist in 26.1.