Color picker closes prematurely


I just noticed the following, using UE4.8.p2 (but the issue is already present in earlier versions):

When I add a text render component to a BP and try to set the text color in the details panel, the color dialog immediately closes after clicking anywhere inside it.
The color where I clicked is selected but the dialog closes. That makes adjusting a color pretty tedious :rolleyes:
The same color dialog works flawlessly in other scenarios (material editor, etc.) Also when you place a text render directly in the level, it works.

So to reproduce:

  • Create a BP based on Actor.
  • Add a Text Render Component.
  • Click on the text color property in the details panel to invoke the color dialog.
  • Click on any color within the colored circle.
  • You will now observe that the dialog closes immediately.

AnswerHub reference:


I have the same issue with 4.7.6. Also, it will sometimes close if I do not hold the down the mouse button.

PS: I also noticed that the float inputs of the color value in the details panel of the component expect a value in the range of [0…255], instead of [0…1] as in other cases…