Color Lookup tables blending in material

Does anyone know if there’s a way to reference in LUT textures inside a post process material, then use said material in the PP volume’s Blendables slot?
I need this so that you can reference in LUTs and combine/blend them dynamically with blueprint. This probably isn’t great for game play performance, but for ArchViz and Machinima’s that would be great.

The way I work, I have a Skydome blueprint that contains all of my environment stuff, including my Environmental Post Processing volume. From within a function (or several, if you prefer) you can link your EPPV object, then from Post-Processing Volume, Get Settings, then Break PostProcessSettings. This will give you a LONG list of variables. From there, Make PostProcessSettings, and link everything up. (Note: Boken Tints does NOT have a settings in the Make PostProcessSettings node, (Not sure why) so links will be offset after that.) Finally, Set the EPPV with the newly created PostProcessSettings. Now any changes you make will be applied.

From there, you need to go down to Color Grading. (It’s near the bottom of the list.) This is your LUT. Depending on what you want to do with it, your best option will likely be to lerp between the primary LUT and any secondary LUTs, using whatever variable(s) you wish. Example: Using Time to lerp between Day & Night, and/or Temperature to lerp between hot and cold scenes.

Hope this helps!

Wonderful, this would work nicely! Just way more steps than I thought.

Ideally a “LUTTextureSampler” in the material would be much simpler. (Hint hint Epic)

does this still work? I can’t seem to find a way to set a material as the object a post process uses