color keeps changing when changing color via hex value within ColorPicker

Noticing a weirld behavior with ColorPicker today:
Whenever I change the color using hex value, the color changes to some other value every time I unfocus the control :expressionless:

poked around the code and the culprit seems to be here:

void SColorPicker::HandleHexInputTextCommitted( const FText& Text, ETextCommit::Type CommitType )
	if ((CommitType == ETextCommit::OnEnter) || (CommitType == ETextCommit::OnUserMovedFocus))
		SetNewTargetColorRGB(FColor::FromHex(Text.ToString()), false);

it implicitly converts FColor to FLinearColor, but the function will do gamma correction on the value passed in

//	FColor->FLinearColor conversion.
FLinearColor::FLinearColor(const class FColor& C)
	R = PowOneOver255Table[C.R];
	G = PowOneOver255Table[C.G];
	B = PowOneOver255Table[C.B];
	A = float(C.A) * OneOver255;

I didn’t find a function that does the conversion without gamma correction, but following seems to work

		FColor color = FColor::FromHex(Text.ToString());
		FLinearColor linearColor;
		linearColor.R = color.R / 255.0f;
		linearColor.G = color.G / 255.0f;
		linearColor.B = color.B / 255.0f;
		linearColor.A = color.A / 255.0f;
		SetNewTargetColorRGB(linearColor, false);

I didn’t find anything relating to this issue, has this been reported?
maybe I’ll check the 4.3 preview tomorrow and see if the issue is still there