Color Issues in RC

So, my workflow seems to be best when I shoot 14bit raw as squares using sRGB space (as Adobe, even with the greater gamut can be unpredicatale), then export as 16bit Tiffs.  This actually solves much faster in all apps.  It looks like RC does some serious post filtering, look how warm and saturated this RC version is compared to what I imported…  I reset to factory, any ideas?


I noticed the color shift as well. You can see it in that video with the mic. Got to say that is amazing work. 

Is you monitor calibrated? I know windows is not color space aware. Directx needs its own calibration file. Something like that. I’ll dig into that and see what I find.

This is a wide gammut calibrated monitor. not happening in other apps.  There is probably a secret sauce. 


I suspect this could come from the texturing algorithm. Maybe RC assumes a given gamma curve that makes the color shift if your inputs are not compliant to this. Can someone from RC give some infos ?

Hello guys,

we have implemented new tone mapping algorithm. You can find the explanation here:–NOT-A-BUG-Latest-Release-Texturing-Problems-