Color Disko Android Puzzle Game

I created this game using unreal engine, blender, awesomebump and fl studio, it’s pretty straight forward, discs fall down from the top of the screen and you need to select the ones which have mismatched colors and let the ones with matched colors fall into the box at the bottom, there are also some power ups to help you create higher scores which will fall down with the discs every now and again, now as your score increases the discs becomes more and they fall faster and it’s running through epicleaderboard great free app for leaderboards thanks to them, so you can submit your score after a level has ended, the game works on android phones, tablets and emulators

this is the link to it in the playstore…any.colordisko
and here is a gameplay video on youtube

it’s my first android game that i’ve created, and i’d love it for it to get some more players so feel free to download it