Color Definition's, Can I add them?

Hi there,

I wanted to add another color without changing any of the current ones so I went into the PrimalGameData BP and went down to Color Definition, clicked add element named it and picked the color I wanted. If I try to use this color on a custom dino I can no longer spawn it in. Am I missing something or is it just not possible?


It is definitely possible, I have added custom colors to my color mod. Did you also make a custom color set for the dinosaur in question and add the new custom color to the regions you want for that dinosaur? From there you also need to have a dino entry that is a copy of the default one for the new dinosaur and name it differently in the description of the dino entry. Also, change the dino tag field in the dino entry to something unique. You will also need to edit the dino tag and description field in the character bp for the dinosaur using this method. From there you also need to make a copy of spawners you want it to spawn in and then add it to those. Then you remap the spawns in the primalgamedata.

Or if you just simply want to replace the vanilla NPC with a colored variant and save yourself the hassle of all the above you can simply just remap NPCs in the primalgamedata changing the vanilla class “Dilo_Character_bp” to “Dilo_XXXX_BP” and that will make it so you can also spawn in the dinosaur with the changes you made.


Thanks for that response. I am also working on the Natural Colors Mods atm and I have run into a glitch. My custom colors and Color sets are not being shown in game. However, the mat changes I have made are coming over. I am trying to make the mod so when someone decides to remove it, that the dino’s do not disappear and they mate boost with default dino’s. Is this even possible with the current set up?

Side note. After reading your post again, I think I see what I missed. The Spawners in the Primalgamedata. I made copies of all of them, but forgot to add them to the PrimalGameData blueprint.