Color definitions and possibly other functionality stopped working

I uploaded an update to my mod today, and the color definitions in the mod have stopped working. It’s really obvious that the colors aren’t working because I had added some vibrant colors among them. The most recent previous patch worked fine- it was from around the beginning of March.

  • I have 50 colors defined vs the default 41.
  • I have several copied and altered colorsets using the new colors.
  • My mod changes some dinos’ colors, stats (health, speed, damage), and/or size.
  • My newest patch changed titanomyrma, meganeura, and piranhas, but none of the changes on those creatures were unique from changes I had already made and verified as working in previous patches.
  • I’m also suspicious that my spawn entries aren’t completely accurate now, but that’s harder to ascertain (both whether they were ever accurate and whether they’re different now).

Does anyone know what might have caused color definitions to stop working recently (or just in general)?