Color accuracy issues with MetaHuman Creator

I have noticed a peculiar issue with the color representation with MetaHuman creator and the generated Characters.

I had been trying to create a specific red jacket for one of my characters and as you can see, the color that “should” be a red tone is actually a pinkish tone in MetaHuman Creator.
At first I thought it might just be the UI in the browser as the HSV code and the actual Hex code for the color are correct for the red tone I want but even the character imported to UE4 with Bridge has the pink color top instead of the intended red.

If you have a look at the two screenshots below (from exactly the same PC).
The first screenshot is the color in Photoshop and the other is how it is represented in MetaHuman Creator (and is exactly like this in UE4 too).

Is this a bug with the color conversion in MH Creator?

Come on @EpicGamesStaff surely your Metahumans team might have SOME answer on this oddity.
Does no one from Epic Games visit this forum?

I’ve put up a few posts of late with no responses, I can almost hear an echo in here.

Ok another example of this odd color issue.
If I select the middle option for my pants you will see they are no longer white, they change color and doesn’t matter what I do, I am not able to have white pants if wearing the middle option.

What is going on with the colors in Metahuman creator :face_with_head_bandage:

The first image is a nice white pair of pants, the second image is apparently still white as I want (as per color picker)… but ummm… no LOL