Colony - Space Exploration Game

Hey guys! Just announcing my first game I’ve been developing for a few months now - it’s well underway and I have a few updates already

My Youtube Channel:

Basically it’s a space exploration game, in which you will find planets, resources, aliens, and have to try and colonize a planet to save the human race :slight_smile:

It’s my first game effort so I am learning and making it as I go

Thanks for checking it out!

and if you are interested - here’s my “introduction” video! :slight_smile:


I suggest including one of your videos in the forum post, some people may not want to go dig around your site for a video. I think its a cool concept. Good luck on your kickstarter :slight_smile:

Thanks Brandon! I added a link to my Youtube channel where the videos are - you think that’s good enough?

I just watched your videos - some very cool stuff you are working on there too! I think I could throw blocks all day for fun like that! LOL good stuff!

I think it might help to embed a few videos right in the thread. Thanks for the feedback, I need to make some new progress videos when I finish up my crafting system :slight_smile:

This looks really cool and is exactly my type of game! I really enjoy the thought of space exploration!

Thanks Stavaas!

Kinda reminds me of the “game within the game” of Star Control 2. That’s going wayyy back but if you arent familiar, probably one of the best games ever made. Period.

Very cool - I don’t know the game but I will go look it up now! :slight_smile:

juuuust in case anyone is interested - here’s my second video update for the game - in the video the alien display thingy is broke but I fixed it last night :slight_smile: