Colony 42 - Indie Horror Game

Verdict Studios, LLC

The Game

Colony 42 is a First Person Horror Survival Game designed to work on a psychological level and traditional horror level. Colony 42 is aimed to scare and scare in both big ways and subtle ways.

Colony 42’s focus is ambience and story. In this game, the ambience will serve as an accomplice to scares and as a way of keeping you on your toes when you’re not facing down an enemy. We’re going for immersion. The story will itself be a puzzle that you will have to put together as you go along.

Colony 42 will force you to rely on your own intelligence. Resourcefulness is key in advancing to the next level or even the next room. You will need to interact with the environment and the objects within it to solve the puzzles that lie within this maze of shadowed hallways and chambers. You will also need to take in all the information available around you in order to understand your objective, nothing is handed to you on a plate in this game, you need to work it out for yourself. Not everything is as it seem’s and not every room is safe, you never know if the item you’re holding could be used to open a door or save your skin!

You are Dr. J . Donovan. A genius biological scientist hired by the government to work on a project known only as Project: Winter. But months into development, the virus mutated beyond expectation and broke free.

What remained of humanity was evacuated into the Nuclear Bunker’s built across the world, each capable of holding it’s own civilisation with populations in the millions. But the virus spread and many of the Colonies were deemed unsafe and evacuated.


  • A fully realised single-player Campaign.
  • A bonus Multiplayer option unlocked through completing the Single-player campaign.
  • Immersive and suspenseful experience.
  • Scares that work psychologically and multiple times.
  • Interesting and confusing map layout and puzzle system.
  • Completely original story told through ambiguous clues throughout the game.
  • Achievements… because everyone loves achievements.
  • Ability to post your progress to Social Networking sites.
  • AI mechanics that will cause the player to use the environment carefully and logically.


**Who are we? **

Colony 42 is being developed by recently founded developer Verdict Studios LLC, based in Denver, CO. For Colony 42 we have taken inspiration from the best horror games out there, including Amnesia and Outlast. We have been working on the game for 2+ years and have just moved development from the Unity engine to the Unreal Engine; the reason for the move being that Unreal has more to offer to us as developer.

Very soon we will be finishing a demo of the game and starting a Kickstarter Campaign to fund development. We expect a mid-late 2015 launch.

Looking good so far Sg115! The scenes that you are showing have a very creepy vibe to them. Keep up the great work and be sure to keep us posted as you progress along in the development of your project. Have a great day!