I have a blueprint pawn, At the root i have addad a box collosion.
in the blueprint i am using AddActorLocalOffset for movement, But when i collide with things i still go strait true them.

Can you please show your Collision settings of the CollisionBox and the Blueprint code you are using.
Otherwise we can’t really help you.

Here are the pic i just want that the Sphere collides with objects i try"d also box. and just aslo a quick question i cant use my Scrol weel in the Input, i does not work

Your sphere seems very small , also if the obstacles are too small the pawn sphere would just walk over them.

But the real problem I think is you haven’t checked the Sweep check box in AddLocalOffset Please tick that checkbox and try again

Do the other objects you collide with actually “block” Pawn object types and are they also set to generate hit events?

I try’d not only pawn but i also did Blockall and that also did not work

Wow it worked The small Thing’s just out of curiosity what does sweep mean.

sweep means the add location function would technically move the object to the added location as if sweeping it across the world and checking everything that collides with it and stop at the first collision.

Think of it as how a mop moves on the floor stopping at anything it hits

With sweep unchecked or disabled add location would simply teleport the object to the new location without taking anything between the current and new positing into account for collision