Collison with player

Hi everyone, first time posting here. I’ve just started using unreal. I’ve got a question about collision, I’m not in a position where I can post screenshots so I apologize if this seems ambiguous. I’m trying to do something very simple. Objects fall from the sky and my character catches them below, once caught object’s location resets. However I can’t seem to figure out how to make an overlap event for the character. My idea is “On Overlap begin -> target(the object) hits player -> reset object to original location”. How do I reference the player’s mesh on the level BP? Only a player start is in the scene. I have a box trigger below the player so if they miss it resets the object, it functions correctly. I just can’t get it to “register” that it hit the player. Again, sorry if that sounds confusing. One idea I had was to set a box trigger equal to the location of the player at all times but I can’t seem to get that to work either because I can’t/don’t know how to reference the player’s location in the level BP. I also tried just doing an “overlap begin” on the object itself but again it doesn’t’ seem to register that it has hit the player.

Any ideas would be so appreciated. I’ve spent hours messing with this.


Figured it out! Using the “cast to” worked. Didn’t know about that before. Setting the object to trigger also fixed the issue.