Collison Setup

Hi All

I have this big static mesh that is fenced though out a map, I am wondering what is the best approach to generating colliders on it ? when I have done auto collision in ue it looks like a spider’s web. any thought would be great full. I would not want to split up the mesh if I can help it.


Hey @RyanLeverSwift! Welcome to the forums!

So what do you mean “Fenced out”? Is the static mesh a big fence that has a lot of bends?

I have a few answers but I’m not sure what the most appropriate one would be in this case.

For instance, usually you want to be modular and have all of these be separate static meshes for performance reasons and occlusion culling. If that’s not possible… You can add collision manually using simple box colliders in the Static Mesh Editor but if it’s as big as it looks it could take a while.

Thanks yes I have used box collision