Collison Geometry for a Physics Based Motorcycle?

Does anyone know what you could use for Wheel Collison Geometry for a Physics Based Motorcycle that is like a cylinder? The sphere works perfect but sticks out on the side and when you lean over it catches on things.

I have been messing with this for about 2 months and have created different cylinder collisions in Blender and imported into Unreal and they work great at low speed but at higher speeds the whole bike start shaking and flipping around.

Do you think that it is possible to swap out the wheels or collision with sphere at higher speeds?

UE5 now supports 2 wheel vehicles but they do not feel as real to me at the pure physics based motorcycle.

Do you think this is the reason that Unreal created their own vehicle class with ray tracing because of this problem with wheel collision?

I would really, really love to hear any insight you might have into this.

John Daniels
Proud Arts LLC