CollisionSphereOverlapBegin() Event trigger before I overlap with the sphere

So I have a aggro sphere and a combat sphere for my enemy. But it seems like the CombatSphereOnOverlapBegein() function is called before I actually overlap with it. Does anyone know why?

Of course. It’s because of what you did in line 34.

But seriously, how can we know without any details?

Are you sure the function is being triggered by the player? How are you checking it? Are you logging something?

Without seeing what you’re actually doing codewise, my first guess would be that it’s firing because it’s colliding with world geometry (like, the floor? Or a wall?). You’re probably executing code to react to the collision no matter what is colliding with your spheres – you’re not checking the actor it is colliding with (i.e. is OtherActor the actor type I care about colliding with?). But, again, just a guess because you haven’t provided any details.