Collisions working and not working!

I’m new to Unreal Engine and I’m having problem with some of my doors collisions. Some are working perfectly and some are not. But, all the doors worked in the past and now all of a sudden some of them are not working. Is it a UE4 bug? Because all the doors are having same settings, still some of them(collisions) are not working. I tried to create new physics asset still collisions not working. Can anyone help me out please?

Here is the link of my UE4 editor. Please take a look.…QQbcd6904KVIat

Thank you

Looks like it was a bug. deleted all the doors from content browser. Imported all the doors and added physics collision and created blueprint and all are working nicely now. Please fix such bugs. I have wasted almost 1.5-2 days doing such. But, thanks for the engine. It’s amazing and flexible. In the past, I used to work on unity, but ue4 just blew my mind.

Hi guys,
It’s not Unreal Engines BUG. It was my BRAIN. I scaled the final BP mesh and thats why it didn’t work. Now, all of my door colliders working nicely.

Thanks for posting your solution after figuring it out. It helps anyone finding this by search. Glad you’re enjoying UE4, it can be hard to learn but I think it’s great.